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Case Study

For nearly a decade, we have partnered with Optimizely to deliver successful digital content and commerce solutions. As the leading partner in our region, we take pride in our expertise and achievements. Below is a featured project highlighting our work with Optimizely.

HDI Global

Learn more about how we support HDI Global as their lead digital agency with a wide range of services.

Our skills


Web development and the introduction of new digital platforms are our absolute core competencies. We follow rigid development and security standards and ensure your solution meets even the highest expectations.

  • Web/App development

  • Custom integrations & APIs

  • Data/Content migration

  • Emerging technologies (AI, ML)

  • Cloud services & support

User Experience

Our advisors and designers support you with the implementation of personalized and high-quality digital touchpoints that are intuitive to use and provide your business with relevant data for continuous improvement.

  • Research & insights

  • UX/UI design

  • Content strategy

  • Prototyping & validation

  • Service design


We help you discover the best strategies and approach for the successful transformation of your digital business. Team up with our experts to unlock the maximum potential of your digital services, products and platforms.

  • Digital business models

  • Digital roadmaps

  • Technology selection

  • Change management

  • Data analytics and insights

What Sets Us Apart

Designed for Continuous Change

We often develop large-scale, complex solutions that are built to last. We rely on cutting-edge architectures and technologies that allow us to implement websites and e-commerce solutions that are easily adjustable, extensible and scalable to keep pace with constant change and protect you against a complete overhaul after just a few years.

Built for Performance and Scalability

We specialize in creating exceptional, tailor-made digital customer experiences by adopting a MACH approach (micro-services, API-first, cloud, headless). Our absolute core competence lies in the implementation of high-quality headless front-ends and the seamless integration of numerous digital tools and platforms into a coherent and outstanding customer experience.

Better Customer Experiences with Seamless Integrations

Integrate and automate your digital processes with us. We don't just master content and commerce platforms. With more than 16 years of experience in integrating a wide range of third-party tools and platforms - including CRM, ERP, PIM, DAM or payment providers - we offer comprehensive digital solutions based on a variety of providers and problem categories.

Unbound Success in All Markets

Our team excels at efficiently and continuously rolling out websites and online shops to new markets, locales, or brands. Our solutions may feature numerous websites, pages or products, ensuring a personalized user experience for international and segmented audiences.

We Are Cloud Natives and Experts

Even if it is not suitable for every customer or every project, we prefer to operate websites, applications and online stores in the cloud. Our fully in-house DevOps team builds on many years of cloud expertise and, in addition to cost-efficient operation, ensures unparalleled stability and uptime for your digital solutions.

Certified Data Security and Protection

Customer trust is our top priority. Data protection and data security are essential factors and we guarantee the reliable protection of your data on the basis of our ISO/IEC 27001 certification for information security and risk management, which we have held for more than six years. All data processing by us takes place exclusively in the European Union.

Customer trust is our top priority

We know that data protection and data security are top priorities for many companies. We therefore not only offer you fully managed cloud hosting of your digital platforms and services combined with world-class support, but can also ensure the reliable protection of your data.

Bright IT has been certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information security and risk management for more than 6 years and is regularly audited.

Lets talk about you and Optimizely

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You can find all information about Data Privacy here.