Bright IT in collaboration with Gruppe am Park supported SWAROVSKI OPTIK in the further development of its digital content and commerce experience. In just a few months, it switched from a monolithic to a headless and serverless approach. The new online shop impresses with its outstanding design, surprising speed, as well as flexibility and individuality for future omnichannel activities and touchpoints.

Turning Selling into Storytelling

SWAROVSKI OPTIK was aware that their existing monolithic shop architecture didn’t allow them to deliver the shopping experience they envisioned for their customers. Serving three different user segments - hunting, birding and outdoor -  in 13 countries in 7 languages with outstanding, relevant content was challenging. Together with Bright IT they decided to go with a headless, API-First approach for the implementation of their new online shop. After 8 month of development SWAROVSKI OPTIK launched a new website that combines product information and inspiring content into stunning stories and an extraordinary shopping experience.

Talking to Bright IT about a headless approach, was very given. We felt from the beginning that there was a match. We had technical talks and made sure that the knowledge is there and it is - no worries about that. But it all comes down to the people. You could really feel that Bright IT wanted to do this and wanted to deliver a great job.

Hans Nilsson
E-commerce and Digital Platforms at SWAROVSKI OPTIK