Bright IT – in close collaboration with Gruppe am Park – was tasked to extend SWAROVSKI OPTIK's promise of quality and exceptional user experience to their website and online shop. The Bright IT team thus created, runs and continuously extends a large scale composable content and commerce solutions that meets even the highest expectations.

Alongside numerous other third-party systems and tools, this project leverages martech solutions from our long-standing partners Contentful, commercetools and Cloudinary.

Initial situation

When we started working with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, it was clear their online shop wasn't where they wanted it to be in terms of customer engagement. The initial review highlighted several key issues that needed addressing:

  • The online customer journey was disjointed, with a noticeable gap between marketing content, learning about products and actually purchasing them.

  • The website's design didn't live up to the high-quality brand SWAROVSKI OPTIK was known for offline.

  • The overall user experience felt outdated, hindered by an outdated design and old technology.

  • The site lacked the flexibility for easy customization and updates across all languages and user segments.

  • At the same time, managing and updating content was more difficult than it needed to be.

  • There were limitations on how the site could serve different global markets and personalize the browsing and shopping experience.

  • Developing new features for the site was complex and time-consuming.

  • Site performance and loading times were slow.

  • The underlying technology of the site was outdated and not suited for future growth.

The Approach

In close collaboration with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK team and Gruppe am Park, we tackled these challenges head-on. Over the course of eight months, we focused on completely revamping SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s online presence. The result was a new website and online shop that brought together product information and engaging content in a way that was both appealing and easy to navigate. Here’s what we did:

  • We ran a number of workshops (Event Storming Workshop, etc.) with the goal to identify all key features, processes and customer journeys

  • We redesigned the website with a fresh, modern look and a better structure for users to find what they need.

  • We integrated editorial content with the shopping experience in a seamless way, using a flexible composable MACH architecture.

  • We developed a customized user experience that meets the highest standards of quality, performance and ease of use.

  • We created a new strategy for organizing content that’s easier to manage and scales globally.

  • We seamlessly integrated with and orchestrate numerous 3rd party systems across many categories including ERP system, payment provider, fraud detection, CRM, marketing automation, customer service, bi/reporting, social media and search engines

  • We moved the website from on-premise to a cloud-based hosting, improving scalability and reliability.


The new platform has made a significant impact since its launch, including:

  • Expansion to 16 countries with 34 localized versions, dramatically increasing the brand's global reach.

  • Over 400,000 pages created, providing a wealth of information and options for customers.

  • A notable increase in revenue and orders, showing the platform's success in engaging customers.

  • A great challenge and our particular pride are the excellent loading times despite the really large amount of image and video content.

  • An uptime of more than 99.99%, ensuring the site is reliable and always available for customers.

This project was about more than just a website refresh; it was about creating a platform that tells the SWAROVSKI OPTIK story, showcases their products, and provides a great experience for every visitor, setting the stage for future growth.