Add a powerful sitemap to yourContentful powered website

Do some of the following challenges sound familiar to you?

  • You are managing an increasingly large number of pages and related entries in Contentful.

  • You are starved for a visual representation of your complete website hierarchy.

  • You want to test and publish content changes as quickly as possible.

  • You want to easily manage aliases and redirects for your Contentful powered website.

We hear you! Arboretum addresses these issues and adds a powerful sitemap to your Contentful powered website.

And the best comes at the end – Unless you want to take advantage of our enterprise level features (for almost unlimited performance and scalability), both Arboretum App and the open source Arboretum SDK are for free!

That's how Arboretum works

Arboretum comes in two parts – Arboretum App and Arboretum SDK

The Arboretum App that you can install into your Contentful environment without developer support.

The Arboretum SDK that your developers implement on your website.

It makes most sense to use both of them together in your website project as only then you can be assured that Arboretum App reveals the real structure of your website.

For that reason when we mention Arboretum what we really mean is the setup presented below - Arboretum App installed in Contentful and Arboretum SDK used in your website.

Key Benefits

Content Editors

  • Arboretum App adds a user-friendly visual sitemap editor to your websites powered by Contentful.

  • You get an overview of your site hierarchy with support for multiple languages and environments.

  • Access the pages you want to edit directly via the sitemap.

  • You keep full control over your content as Arboretum is 100% powered by content managed in Contentful.


  • Arboretum adds key functions that developers need to work with sitemaps in Contentful.

  • It removes the burden of GraphQL-based sitemap querying and helps run a lightning-fast website.

  • Look up content entries based on page URLs or look up related pages based on content entry IDs.

  • Easily integrate the API in the front-end framework of your choice using the Arboretum SDK.

Arboretum App

Arboretum App is a Contentful app that you can install in your environment. It's a visual representation of the sitemap computed by the Arboretum SDK.

Get your free Arboretum licence

Arboretum App is not paid but requires a valid licence to work. The licence is free of charge and you can generate it yourself within seconds.

How to Install the Arboretum App

  • After clicking the link above, select the Contentful space and environment in which you want to install the Arboretum App. Click "Continue".

  • Authorize access of the Arboretum App in your space.

  • Follow the steps as shown in the video.

Features of Arboretum App

Arboretum SDK

Arboretum SDK is an open-source library that your developers can freely use. It is the core of Arboretum. The purpose of this library is to fetch the page structure defined in Contentful and build a sitemap based on it.

The easiest way to get started is with the Arboretum NextJS Example. It is a sample project that demonstrates how the Arboretum SDK can be used, but it can be easily incorporated into any framework of your choice.

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