As one of our most long-term clients, we have had the pleasure of working closely with HDI Global on a wide range of projects over the past 10 years. Among others, our team supported the rebranding of HDI Gerling to HDI Global with the launch of a brand-new corporate website. In 2021 the website and its content were successfully migrated to the Optimizely DXP. In parallel to the website migration, our designers defined an up-do-date HDI Global digital branding – available for all digital projects at HDI Global, no matter if they are driven by us or other service providers.

Alongside other third-party systems and tools, this project leverages the martech solutions from our long-standing partners Optimizely and Cloudinary.

Initial Situation

Our recommendation to migrate to Optimizely Orchestrate in 2021 was based on prior in-depth review, highlighting several key issues that needed addressing:

  • Fragmentation of content across many independent country websites – resulting in the need for individual ongoing content updates for each of these and a lack of clarity on reporting and analytics.

  • Lack of a consistent page model and structure - products were presented inconsistently and hard to grasp for website visitors.

  • Weak calls to action without relevant contact information shown in relevant contexts.

  • Lack of editorial productivity – the website was very hard to update and maintain.

  • Very basic media handling – images had to be resized manually and videos were not properly hosted to work well on all devices.

  • Interactive functionalities were cumbersome and slow to implement.

  • The legacy CMS featured no integrated search engine – making search- and filter-based functionalities hard to implement and lacking depth.

  • An increasingly outdated frontend approach tightly coupled with the CMS.

The Approach

In close collaboration with HDI Global we created and executed a plan to migrate the website and address all key issues:

  • Creation of an English master website (served to international audiences without a local website) that serves as the starting point for localization.

  • Automated migration of the completely fragmented country content to the master website.

  • Each local website can be translated from master content – with the ability to optionally add or remove content as is required and useful

  • A consistent page model and structure makes it straightforward for editors to create compelling and consistent product content that is engaging for website visitors and features clear calls to action

  • A number of selective customizations – some of which now allow editors to centrally update hundreds of contacts throughout the large-scale website.

  • Media is uploaded to Cloudinary and automatically cropped and resized for an optimal editorial and viewing experience – videos are automatically served in the best format for each browser and device.

  • A number of interactive functionalities enrich the user experience and allow a drill down by various filters and categories – with full-text search available whenever it makes sense.

  • The frontend follows a decoupled approach - making it much easier to continuously develop and extend the website more independently from the CMS.


The new HDI Global website has made a significant impact since its launch, including:

  • Expansion into many countries with 26 supported languages based on a common underlying English master website.

  • Over 4,000 pages, providing a wealth of information and options for visitors.

  • Live visual onpage editing capabilities for more intuitive content creation.

  • Custom editor roles and permissions for handling content creation across multiple countries and company branches

  • A notable increase in user sessions, page views and conversions, showing the website’s success in engaging its audience.

  • A highly dynamic News and Insights section featuring news articles and events – with relevant selected articles also featured in matching product pages.

  • An extensive Download Center handling thousands of media files and documents across the many HDI Global locales.

  • A global Job Listing/Search feature with content indexing and search support – integrated with Google Job listings for better visibility of posted offers.

  • A global Locations & Contacts section with worldwide branch offices and contacts – fully adjustable to local needs.

  • Centrally configurable Contacts for each page based on a custom CMS-integrated app for ease of handling of contacts per office branch and language or service offered. With a per-page inheritance system for better handling of contacts at the scale of thousands of pages.

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics for professional lead capturing and event management.

  • Enterprise-level uptime and almost zero downtime code deployments ensuring the site is reliable and always available.


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