Designed by Keith Preston, the 18-hole Poysdorf golf course was established in 2006 on an area of 65 hectares and was immediately awarded the title of best new golf course. Embedded in the centuries-old Weinviertel cultural landscape, fine wine, the picturesque hilly landscape and the game of golf form a perfect symbiosis and promise a relaxed game of golf in the Weinviertel.

Starting point

The golf course known as "Golfclub Veltlinerland Poysdorf" was struggling with a number of challenges when we began our work:

  • An old-fashioned and granular logo with a strong reference to the regional brand "Veltlinerland" was difficult to understand for guests from outside the region.

  • The outdated and slow website made hardly any reference to the branding apart from the logo itself.

  • The design and structure of the existing website were not geared towards the main target groups (guests, members) - often sought-after content was hard to find.

  • Information for guests was very limited – among others there was no information on accommodation or package offers.


We designed and implemented a new simplified logo and branding, as well as a new website:

  • We shortened the brand name from "Golfclub Veltlinerland Poysdorf" to "Golfclub Poysdorf" to avoid confusion for guests from outside the region.

  • We developed a new logo, which is visually simplified and modernized - and therefore easy to understand and recognizable even when used in smaller sizes.

  • The new brand symbolism as part of the logo links the themes of golf and wine in a simple and easy to grasp manner.

  • We implemented a new website and made it available in German and Czech (for nearby international guests).

  • We switched to the simpler golf-related domain name

  • We switched from WordPress to the more stable and user-friendly Storyblok.

  • We switched to a headless approach – not only ensuring fast loading times, but also massively increasing security.

  • The ongoing maintenance/creation of content and the necessary translation is now intuitive, simple and quick for editors.


Golfclub Poysdorf