The e-ticketing solution run by eventWorld needed to meet highest expectations with regards to user experience and performance during expected high traffic events during peaking pre-sales periods. Our team was able to successfully support eventWorld with the design and implementation of a new self-service e-ticketing platform from scratch in very short time. The solution features a contemporary look & feel and user experience – and is based on a truly cutting edge underlying micro-services API-first architecture that makes it ready for growth.

E-ticketing platform

Within 5 months Bright IT helped eventWorld to get a future-proof, highly scalable and performant solution ready for the market. Striving for an exceptional customer experience was of major importance throughout all project phases resulting in a self-service e-ticketing platform allowing buyers as well as event organizers to do nearly everything on their own. The team was able to deliver a solution that allowed to plan for any new feature or further development. Thus eventWorld had everything to succeed with the expansion into new markets.

"We set as one of our goals to go live with a Minimum Viable Product as early on as possible. And we achieved exactly that – we had a great solution on the market early on that can already serve the needs of many event organizers.

Starting with an event storming workshop was a reliable approach as it really brought everyone to the same level of understanding and knowledge was quickly disseminated throughout the project team. In addition, the workshop resulted in many new requirements that we cannot do and that we had not thought of before. It was really good practice for both sides.”

CMO, eventWorld