Surveys and benchmarkingfor distributed organizations

Designed for large scale surveys

Bright Curios is not yet another survey tool. It's a comprehensive benchmarking platform designed specifically for distributed and networked organisations.

Showcase: A pioneering project in the field of quality tourism

Tourismus Oberstdorf, Tourismus Kleinwalstertal, and the Oberstdorf · Kleinwalsertal Bergbahnen have jointly launched a new project: "Are you doing well - the vacation check in the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal region". The aim is to enable guests to leave a review for all participating project partners (especially the tourism businesses in the region) at any time during their stay.

Who we created B Curios for

There are numerous types of organizations and industries that benefit from B Curios. Many of these organisations are focused on surveys and benchmarking within a distributed or networked setting.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, and restaurant chains use B Curios to compare and benchmark different locations against one another to improve service quality and operational efficiency.

Trade Associations

Chambers of commerce as well as other trade or industry associations use B Curios to provide value to their members through comparative analytics.

Government Entities

Municipal, state, or federal entities with distributed operations use B Curios to compare performance and improve service delivery across different departments or locations.

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions with multiple branches leverage B Curios to analyze performance, compliance, and customer service across different locations.

Healthcare Institutions

Hospital chains and healthcare networks use B Curios to benchmark performance metrics to identify areas of improvement, ensure compliance with standards, and improve patient care across the network.

Transportation and Logistics

Companies in the transportation and logistics sector use B Curios to compare operational efficiency, compliance with safety standards, and customer service across different facilities or geographic areas.

Retail Chains

Both large and small retail chains use B Curios to compare performance metrics across different locations, improving operational efficiencies and identifying best practices.


Companies with multiple manufacturing facilities use B Curios to compare operational efficiencies, compliance adherence, and other performance metrics.


Utility companies with distributed infrastructure leverage B Curios to compare operational efficiency, adherence to regulatory standards, and customer service performance across different geographic areas.

Franchise Businesses

Franchise businesses leverage B Curios to analyze and compare performance, marketing strategies, customer satisfaction, and supply chain efficiency across their global outlets.

Educational Institutions

School districts or networks of charter or private schools use B Curios to compare performance metrics, resource allocation, and educational outcomes across different schools.

Non-Profit Organizations

Large non-profits with multiple chapters use B Curios to assess performance across various metrics, ensuring consistency and improving outcomes.

Core Benefits

Real-time data insights

Effortlessly manage large-scale surveys across all your organisational units and partners, ensuring the collection of consistent and thus comparable data following a centrally procured pool of questions and templates while maintaining autonomy to also adjust surveys to local needs.

Customizable Data Collection

Tailor your data collection to your specific needs. As an Organiser, you create and manage a pool of questions, survey templates and categories – allowing for flexible and relevant data gathering and analysis across locations and contexts.

Empowered your partners

Partners select from pre-defined survey templates and extend these with their own questions. They then get access to real-time statistics on their survey results—with the ability to compare themselves to category results within the organisation. Bright Curios thus helps you empower your partners while gathering valuable insights across your organisation.

Compare yourself

Data analysis and benchmarking are equally powerful for both Organisers and Partners. Organisers get access to category benchmarks, which consist of aggregated data, an advanced filtering system and detailed statistical analysis. Partners get access to their individual survey data and statistical analysis—and the ability to compare themselves tocategory benchmarks.

Centralised control—distributed execution

The dual role system (Organisers, Partners) ensures a perfect balance between centralised control and distributed execution, allowing your organisation to gather valuable insights while providing a powerful and easy to roll-out survey tool to internal and external partners.


We built B Curios to handle an extensive network of Partners, Touchpoints, and Surveys without compromising performance, making it an ideal solution for large or growing organisations.

Customer trust is our top priority

We know that data protection and data security are top priorities for many organisations - especially when it comes to sensitive data such as that used in surveys.

Bright IT can guarantee the reliable protection of your data in B Curios. We have been certified to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information security and risk management for more than 6 years and are regularly audited.

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