Storytelling Has Never Been Easier

With our Visual Storytelling Components it has become quicker and easier than ever before to create visually engaging content and landing pages.

3 Reasons for More Visual Content

Storytelling Icon There has been a growing trend of “storytelling” and “emotional selling” over the past years.

Speaking Bubbles Your visitors' attention span is ever decreasing with an overload of information all around them.

Human Brain According to current science visual content is 60 times faster to process compared with text.


As a digital agency we regularly stumble across the requirement of creating higly visual and dynamic content types — typically to showcase customer projects/references, historic timelines or similar content. This usually entails concept work followed by custom development that both takes substantial effort and time. With many projects of the kind implemented we told ourselves that there must be a better way to do this — a more user friendly approach with lower time-to-market and a reasonable level of standardisation with the highest usability and quality possible.


We decided to productise our solution with the then upcoming launch of the Episerver App Marketplace – a CMS not only use value for its high usability. You can now get a standard Add-On to create stunning visual content just like our samples below. We invite you to get our standard App for Episerver or approach us for integration of our solution with the CMS of your choice.


Our Visual Storytelling Components come with convincing benefits.


  • The creation and maintenance of visual content is substantially easier and cheaper compared with custom solutions.

  • No custom (non-reusable) code needs to be created – which is often also done in a rush under budget and time constraints.


  • We have built our solution with a keen eye on user experience (usability, features, load time, performance).

  • SEO - we implement proper semantics and ensure visibility of your content for search engines.

  • Our solution has been tested for maximum compatibility – among others for proper support of smartphones and tablets.


  • Time to market - it has never been quicker for you to roll out, update and localise your visual content.

  • The solution is fully integrated with your CMS and you can fully leverage its editorial process and features.

See it in Action

Here are a few simple examples that were created using our standard solution (content only without any programming).

sample-showcase tirol


Explore the many reasons to visit the Tyrol region which is home to our headquarters where our management, creative and project management team works.

sample-showcase spacex


Explore the story of SpaceX in this sample showcase page.

sample-showcase wroclaw


Discover the beautiful city of Wrocław in Poland which is the home of our development and support team.

sample-showcase vineyard


Another sample showcase page featuring a fictitious wine maker.

sample-showcase myfirstyear

My First Year

Another sample showcase page featuring a brief overview of widely accepted developmental stages in the first 12 months of a child.

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