5 Reasons You Will Love Episerver

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In case you are new to Episerver and looking into buying—or if you already are an existing client—here are 5 reasons to love Episerver, based on our personal experience.

1. Best-in-Class User Experience

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, I claim to have seen most if not all of the major players on the market in action. One encounter I remember in particular is when I first stumbled across Episerver - which resulted in our partnership with the vendor. I have yet to discover a user interface as intuitive and consistent while implementing all features required to manage also comparably large or complex websites and online shops. In my experience, besides what happens towards the end user, it is the level of editorial productivity that makes content management and e-commerce solutions successful or not.

In practical terms that means

  • One unified user interface to manage all content and commerce related matters

  • A visual editorial experience that is absolutely consistent throughout the solution

  • The day-to-day tasks are quick, simple and well documented

  • Administrative tasks (such as roles/permissions) do not require any IT-support

2. Achieve a Lot With Little Effort

Episerver is a well rounded platform with a wealth of out of the box and easy to customise functionalities. That includes

  • A rock solid out of the box editor interface for state-of-the-art management of responsive (desktop, tablet, mobile) user experiences

  • A standard out of the box publishing workflow with scheduling and easily customisable review steps.

  • Simple and well thought through translation mechanisms and workflows.

  • Integrated customisable forms that allow you to easily collect information and interact with your visitors.

  • Out of the box A/B testing and rules driven personalisation that requires practically no effort to setup and is easy to use for editors.

  • A great search engine that is directly integrated into the UI and automatically indexes all contents/products and allows to easily built any (even remotely) search-based functionality

Besides that, the quality and level of documentation provided by Episerver is a great help for editors and developers alike. In this regard it is also good to know that typical customisation does not put you far from the documentation. We so far have been able to avoid any kind of customisation that would make the standard documentation inaccurate or even obsolete. Project specific documentation typically consists of short step by step guides to manage the detailed functionalities implemented in the customer project.

3. Episerver Is Very Consistent for Editors and Developers Alike

Working with the Episerver platform is without unexpected surprises for both editors and developers. While the user interface does provide a wealth of functionalities, Episerver does a great job at making it easy for both the regular and occasional user to find their way around. The basic concept of pages and content blocks is an easy to grasp and extremely consistent element throughout the entire system - once understood, you will find it extremely straightforward to manage your website or online shop.

This shows equally from a developer’s perspective. Episerver provides a well documented and consistent framework for development - closely following the standards as defined and intended by the underlying technology providers such as Microsoft. Competitors do much worse in this regard. It is also good to mention here that Episerver provides reference implementations for both Episerver CMS (Alloy, available in standard, react and angular versions) and Episerver Commerce (Quicksilver) - both of which can serve as a starting point for extremely fast and agile projects.

Lastly Episerver stores its data in a standardised format - no matter which type of content it is - and provides APIs that expose all data in both directions. The platform can act as a Headless CMS, exposing its content through its Content Delivery API, or where needed a Service API is available to systematically interact with the stored data.

4. A Great Community and Ecosystem

Episerver generally has a large (and also growing) user and developer community with very active community forums and events. With questions, help often is not far away.

In addition there is a wide range of standard plugins and add-ons to Episerver - many popular and also some handpicked solutions are ready for often plug-and-play integration with your website or online shop. Add-ons are available for Analytics, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Automation, Order Management, Payments, Personalization, Project Information Management (PIM) or SEO - to name just a few.

And last but not least, Episerver has a mature and growing partner ecosystem - including all sizes and flavours of creative agencies and systems integrators. As a partner we feel we not only get the direct and indirect support we need to serve our joint clients, but we feel respect and appreciation for the work we do as partner for Episerver. While this may not be the only factor to consider, Episerver has - at least for Bright IT - been an absolutely trustworthy and reliable partner and a perfect cultural fit over the past years. You will find many other partners reporting the same.

5. A Cloud Offering That You Will Love

While in Europe we still see a certain level of - often unjustified - resistance to moving from on-premise solutions into the cloud, nobody can argue against some of the objective benefits of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.

The Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) from Episerver is a mature offering based on Microsoft cloud technology and easily beats any on-premise setup by quality and price:

  • It support all kinds of clients - from departamental to enterprise level - based on a similar highest standards architecture

  • Every client receives 3 fully featured environments from Integration over Pre-Production to Production

  • Code deployment is a one-click process and the development process generally is fully standardised - a major pain and cost saver for every project

  • Initial setup and go live of your project is quick and painless - and given the high level of standardisation, there is plenty of documentation including a detailed onboarding process

  • There are many out of the box advanced features (e.g. CDN) and the solution scales automatically with your project - among others making use of the web application scaling mechanisms available in Microsoft Azure.

  • If required, hosting is available exclusively within Europe - where needed deployment can however also be distributed globally.

  • And last but not least - in our experience the Episerver DXC comes at very attractive and transparent pricing compared to the competition. Entry level pricing is very moderate and pricing scales reasonably with your project.


In case you are looking for a marketing and sales oriented solution to manage content and (optionally) commerce that is easy to deploy and run, Episerver is a great choice. It features a simple and highly intuitive user experience, requires reasonable customisation effort, comes with a lot of out of the box functionalities and add-ons, features extensive documentation for both users and developers, has a great user community and ecosystem. Cloud deployment is mature, reasonably priced and our recommended means of deployment.

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